Diploma of Interpreting

National Code:Name Of Qualification:CRICOS Course Code:
PSP50916Diploma of Interpreting094529M
CRICOS Course Duration:Language Stream:Nominal Teaching Hours:
30 weeks (including 6-week break)Bengali to/from English
Mandarin to/from English
Spanish to/from English
Nepali to/from English
Punjabi to/from English
Arabic to/from English
Hindi to/from English
Korean to/from English Vietnamese to/from English

480 hours

Qualification Level:

The Diploma of Interpreting reflects the skills and knowledge required to interpret in general dialogue settings, with the potential to interpret in general monologue settings, where the interpreter is able to physically control the discourse to assist retention and recall. The diploma aims to train bilingual students in the role, theory, ethics and practice of interpreting and provide an introduction to translating.

Entry Requirements:

  • must be 18 years old and have satisfactorily completed Year 12 of secondary education or its equivalent or have appropriate and relevant experience; and
  • have an IELTS result of 5.5 with a minimum score of 6 in the speaking and listening component; or
  • have completed an EAP program at upper intermediate level or equivalent; or
  • be able to demonstrate vocational proficiency through an entry examination, consisting of two dialogues in a paraprofessional level interpreting test. Students will have to achieve 50 percent or higher in order to be admitted into the program.