Advance Diploma of Translating

National Code:Name Of Qualification:CRICOS Course Code:
PSP60816Advanced Diploma of Translating094528A
CRICOS Course Duration:Language Stream:Nominal Teaching Hours:
30 weeks (including 6-week break)English to Bengali
English to Nepali
English to/from Chinees
English to Hindi
English to Korea

480 hours

Qualification Level:

The Advanced Diploma of Translating reflects the skills and knowledge required to translate special-purpose texts from one language to another to convey information written using specific terminology for a specific audience. Successful graduates of this qualification may be able to access employment positions in the public and private sectors as Translators, either on a freelance or contract basis. In addition, many graduates may perform some translating as part of their principal duties in jobs requiring translating, bilingual and cross-cultural communication skills in the health and community services, business, tourism, public relations, the medical profession, law and foreign affairs.

Entry Requirements:

  • applicants must be at least 18 years old and have successfully completed a degree or diploma in any discipline; a Diploma in Translating, or;
  • NAATI accreditation at para-professional level in the relevant language(s), or;
  • proven and documented work experience in translating or;
  • achieve at least 70% at an entry examination which is prepared and assessed according to NAATI interpreting professional standards. The entry examination materials will be available upon request. The entry examination will be administered by NAATI accredited translators/interpreters.