Advance Diploma of Interpreting

National Code:Name Of Qualification:CRICOS Course Code:
PSP60916Advanced Diploma of Interpreting094529M
CRICOS Course Duration:Language Stream:Nominal Teaching Hours:
30 weeks (including 6-week break)Mandarin and English

480 hours

Qualification Level:

The Advanced Diploma of Interpreting prepares interpreters for work in all community, business and diplomatic domains, interpreting content that may not easily be predicted or planned for or may require specialist subject knowledge and context awareness. This includes work in sectors such as health and welfare, policing and courts, formal immigration hearings, education, the media, commerce, government and international relations, professional sectors such as law, technology and science and assignments involving formality or participants with high status and accountability, where the consequences of errors in communicative intent can have significant implications.

Focusing on two-directional English-Mandarin interpretation training supplemented by the development of bilingual listening and speaking skills, the main subjects of this qualification include English-Mandarin two-directional interpretation, interpretation theories and ethics, advanced English for interpretation and advanced Mandarin for interpretation.

Entry Requirements:

  • students must have completed a Diploma of Interpreting (English/Mandarin) or an equivalent qualification at diploma level or higher; and
  • be fluent speakers of¬†both¬†English (an IELTS test result of 6.5 or equivalent) and Mandarin; or
  • achieve a minimum score of 70 for the SIIT entry test, which will be prepared and assessed according to NAATI professional interpreting standards. The entry examination materials will be available upon request, and the examination will be administered by NAATI-accredited translators/interpreters.